2002 Season

Written by Ruth Goetz and Augustus Goetz
Stage Director

Larry Anderson

Show Dates:
October 26,27,28, November 2,3, 2001
Dana Courtine (Catherine Sloper) Dana has returned to the stage after a long break. She has appeared in such shows as The Murder Room, Dangerous Corners, and Crucible. She would like to thank her family and friends for their continued support.
Barry Childress (Dr. Austin Sloper) It's great to be back working with the Players again (yeah, sure). It's super to be working with Larry & Tom again (as if), and reuniting with my "darling daughter"(gag me). This is my sixth play with the group (I'll never learn). Previous roles include Ludie Watts in "The Trip to Bountiful"; Rev. Hale in "Crucible"; and Earl/Abel in "Murder Room". Also, I have been active in other area groups Playcrafters of Skippack, Dramateurs of Jeffersonville, Forge Theatre, and the "Bob Johnson" Players of Souderton. My cover life is sales of filtration equipment for industrial use. A special "break a leg" to the Mrs. as we share the stage for the first time (I get the last word, though!). Thanks to the cast and crew for a wonderful experience (REALLY! - NO, REALLY!)
Andrew Pavlin (Morris Townsend) Andrew Pavlin is delighted to be returning to the KoP Players' stage; they always have such classy (?) roles for him. He last performed here as the dysfunctional psychiatrist Ernie in "Rumors". He has appeared elsewhere as a forest outlaw in "As You Like It" and an unemployed redneck in "Dearly Departed", so becoming the elegant yet unscrupulous "gentleman" Morris Townsend is a real step up.
Amy Dickenson (Lavinia Penniman) Amy returns to King of Prussia Players after a two-year absence. Her last part here was Julia in "Lend Me a Tenor." Amy is an aspiring writer, but until she sells that first big novel, she's content to be Team Leader at The Vanguard Group in Malvern. She'd like to thank her friends and family for their support.
Anna Marie Childress (Elizabeth Almond) This is my second show at KofP, the first being in the chorus inCarousel. I've also appeared in Playcrafters production of Dearly Departed and will be appearing in their production of A Christmas Carol as a Dicken's character. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, especially Dr. Sloper! I'm glad to have a role with an actual name and lines. Thanks, Larry. In the immortal words of Jim Croce..."I got a name..."
Mary Kate Kenny (Marian Almond) This is Mary Kate's first show at King of Prussia players. Her most recent theatre experience was an understudy role at The Wilma. Some stage credits include Little Red Riding Hood in Into the Woods, Connie Miller in 1940s Radio Hour, Millie in Picnic, and Lucy in your a good man Charlie Brown. She also starred in a national television commercial promoting multiple sclerosis awareness. She is very happy to have the opportunity to be in this show and hopes to be back again soon.
Justine Parks (Maria) "Heiress" is Justine's third production with the Players. She participated in Carousel in '00 and she played Snookie in 110 in the Shade in '01. She worked as a teaching assistant this summer at People's Light and Theater Company in Malvern where she has also taken many classes.
Janice Jankowski (Mrs. Montgomery) Janice Jankowski (Mrs. Montgomery) has worked with the Players since her debut as Emma Borden in Blood Relations. She appeared onstage as Berte in last season's "Hedda Gabler," and worked behind the scenes in "110 in the Shade." Favorite roles on the KOP boards include Freda in "Dangerous Corner" and Maria in "Lend Me a Tenor."
Chris DeWitt (Arthur Townsend) Since Chris' return from college he has once again become a mainstay of The Players. For this production, Chris is the main character of the utility staff. While he performs in and manages this show, he is fully involved in directing our next show, "Play On" which opens in January.

Directed by Chris DeWitt

By Rick Abbot

Show Dates:
January 11,12,13,18, 19, 2002

Play On! Cast:
Aggie Manville
Rose Petrecz
Gerry Dunbar
Dana Courtine
Henry Benish
Larry Anderson
Polly Benish
Janice Jankowski
Smitty Smith
Brooke Childress
Billy Carewe
Randy Weinstein
Violet Imbry
Mary Kate Kenney
Louise Peary
Julie Leavitt
Phyllis Montague
Maria D'Alleva
Saul Watson
Joe Carney

Lerner and Lowe's


Directed by Larry Anderson
Show Dates:
May 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 2002
Andrew MacLaren
Anthony T. Millili
Angie MacGuffie
Joan Detwiler
Archie Beaton
Mark French
Charlie Dalrymple
Brian Schwartz
Fiona MacLaren
Collette Anderson
Harry Beaton
Patrick Keelty
Jean MacLaren
Lisa Knorr
Jeff Douglas
Paul Mansfield
Maggie Anderson
Lissa Morinsky
Meg Brockie
Patty Bowman
Mr. Lundie
Steve Kuerschner
Stuart Dalrympl
Stuart Dalrympl (as himself)
Tommy Albright
George Waldie
Sandy Dean MacGregor
Ed Parks
Sword Dancer
Brett Anderson
Mark French
Adult Villagers
AnnMarie Palumbo-Parks, Carol Anderson, Anita Burgher, Laurel Smith, Rosemary Watson, Mary Matcovich, Michelle Elbin
Teen Villagers
Jen Kobialka, Kara Wisely, Sasha Crocken, Kristen Schumacher, Joanna Hornstein, Sarah Fornace
Teen Villagers
Jenelle Parks, Regina Burgher, Gigi Watson, Emily Ginnona, Robert Pellechio, Jr., Callie Rosenfeld, Lauren Dryburgh, Julianna Quazi, Marni Berkowitz, Alec Maksymowych, Celia Ryan, Ellis Nance Mays, Kelly Volpi, Jenna Volpi
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