Audition dates:
July 23 1 PM - 4 PM, 2017
July 25 7 PM - 9 PM, 2017

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Charity Hope Valentine

Female 21-35
Female 30-50. Charity?'s fellow dancer at the Fandango Ballroom, and closest friend; has done prison time, but sympathetic and lively; a great friend and a fun gal; excellent dancer and singer; Mezzo-Soprano, Low F to D.

Female 30-50. Charity?'s fellow dancer and friend at the Fandango Ballroom; hardened and smart-mouthed, often sarcastic; sees through the BS, but keeps an eye on Charity; excellent dancer and singer; Mezzo-Soprano, Low F to D.

Herman/Vittorio Vidal/Daddy Brubeck
Male 30-60. plays three major roles: Herman, the tough, dry, working class New Yawk manager of the Fandango Ballroom; Vittorio Vidal, a romantic but slightly faded Italian movie star; and Daddy Brubeck, the head of a downtown alternative church and a charismatic, inspirational leader; needs to be a chameleon, adept at playing multiple roles, at comedy, and full of charisma; Baritenor to High A.

Oscar Lindquist
Male 30-50. Charity?'s love interest; a good-natured, upright and genuinely sweet guy who is also phobic, insecure, and shy; he's looking for new experiences and also looking for love, and thinks he?'s found it in Charity ? but can?'t make up his mind; unintentionally charming, and kind of messed up; Baritone, low B to F#.

Ensemble roles
Male and female 20-50. Choral singing and dancing.